Pressnomics, Not a WordCamp (yet?)

PressNomics 2012 has already begun creating waves in WordPress community if Twitter has anything to say about it. The most interesting thing about PressNomics is its concentration on running a business around and within WordPress; the software and its community. Invisible lines of where to tread lightly seem to have disappeared, and it’s high time […]

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Enjoying Salt Lake City

Last week end I went to Salt Lake City, Utah!  I’ve never been there before, but I’ve heard the most wonderful and scary things about the place.  You know when people are just too nice?  Or maybe you don’t, and I’m just too midwestern to actually be that Mormon nice. I arrived early Friday afternoon and hashed out some things […]

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WordCamps, Pictures & Baltimore!

I’ve worked for PageLines since May this year, and since then I have attended almost every WordCamp (Some were scheduled the same weekend, so I’ve been unable to attend a few. Still working on being in two places at once – I’ll let you know when I figure that out). I’ve been to Milwaukee, New […]

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Must Blog Now

I met this girl at WordCamp Portland, Laura, who inspired me to start writing a blog again. I have a concept in mind, and it’s a little controversial – but isn’t that how all great things start? Let’s start off with some juicy juice, and by juice, I mean wine. And lots of it. It […]

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WordCamps – The Gray Area

So, I was just complaining earlier how I never am able to update my own blog because I’m so busy worrying about other people’s blogs. Right now I’m in Boston, and tomorrow morning is WordCamp. It’s 2:06 AM, which means I can get 5 hours of sleep before waking up early enough to make 8 […]

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