It is not hallow – but it is never full. Internally, it’s complicated and it’s anxious. It only knows where it has been. With little knowledge or foresight, the dense reality of yesterday loses its buoyancy, sinks, and becomes another part of the foundation that makes me who I am.

The day’s beautiful moments, the special ones, they penetrate through the foundation, and rise to furnish and animate the rooms that held an entire world, and the two people who once belonged to it. The only consciousness to claim. It is unaware, my elastic heart, of assimilation being so near.

But it is happening. Things go on outside while the body is pushed into different directions. it’s led down new hallways, introduced to old bedrooms and boyfriends. It’s thrown into mansions, and money, for shopping and fancy steaks, and museums. It wears a suit. And all of a sudden I’m proud to be. And the journey is breathe-taking, the new world that once seemed so far away is now within reach.

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