Floozy @ The Driskell

I was browsing for something to do last night, other than the usual ( Although, the usual does seem a sporadic lovely mess of random events ). I stumbled upon this folk singer-songwriter band from New Mexico. They were on their first tour outside the smallest big state in the country, and it was a no-brainer.

Anyway! I found out about Floozy moments before they were to play at the Driskell. Read their blog, and find out about their Austin and San Antonio journey. Truly, these artists have drive, and original sound. Each member had their time on the microphone, and gave their unique perspective and sense of humor to the audience.

Written by Bronson Elliott, Goat Man tells the story of a man who dressed up as a goat to study the habits of hunters. I died. Loved the show!

One thought on “Floozy @ The Driskell

  1. Thank you once more for checking us out and documenting our last show in Austin. We had a great time and certainly hope to play ATX again soon. All the best! We’ll be following your blog for sure. -Teresa/Floozy


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