Pressnomics, Not a WordCamp (yet?)

Pressnomics LogoPressNomics 2012 has already begun creating waves in WordPress community if Twitter has anything to say about it. The most interesting thing about PressNomics is its concentration on running a business around and within WordPress; the software and its community. Invisible lines of where to tread lightly seem to have disappeared, and it’s high time to move the ball in good spirit. April Williams of WebDevStudios recently wrote a great article on this.

Some awesome people who consistently exude support for the WordPress community were there, including Tony Perez and Dre Armeda of Sucuri, George Ortiz of Presstrends, Carl Hancock of GravityForms, Jake Goldman of 10up LLC, John Hawkins of 9Seeds, Vid Luther of ZippyKid and countless more.

What I found most interesting about April’s article is this:

Talking with other WordPress businesses in the community this week has turned me on to a number of different methods and tweaks that could really help us in running our company. Speaking with Brad, I can see that he has a renewed energy in many older topics and ideas that have been put on the back burner to focus on WebDev’s client-focused business. This is especially true of projects that would consist of collaborating with other WordPress companies to make great things.

Isn’t that what it’s all about? There was a lot of flack surrounding PressNomics, being an event not officially backed by the WordPress Foundation, but let’s be real here for a moment.

WordCamp is about education and networking on the side. PressNomics is about business and networking.

WordPress is an open source software that also employs thousands of people to provide for themselves and their families. Yes, respect the GPL, sure – but I say let the networking and competition run fervently. Promotion of innovation never backfires, unless you’ve read 37signal’s Rework. 😉

As of this writing, I received some alerts from We could be seeing’s own version(s) of commercial business and networking events with WordPress soon enough.


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