How good prep and a bucket brigade kept Peer 1 online during Hurricane Sandy

This is so freaking cool.


Updated:When Hurricane Sandy hit 75 Broad Street in Manhattan, forcing Con Ed to cut power and then flooding the basement generators, the most customers could legitimately expect was an orderly shutdown of their equipment. But Peer 1 Hosting’s small local staff — along with friends and customers —  went way beyond the call of duty, forming a bucket brigade to deliver gallon upon gallon of diesel fuel up 17 floors to keep the company’s backup generator humming — and their equipment online.

The ongoing effort, flagged for me by Tier1 Research analyst Carl Brooks, is truly super human. “Seventeen flights? These guys don’t just deserve more customers, they deserve a freaking bonus,” Brooks said via email.

The work, which has been ongoing for more than two days now, is led by Mike Mazzei, the company’s head data center manager, and technician Scott Debernardo. They did their due diligence…

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