Enjoying Salt Lake City

Last week end I went to Salt Lake City, Utah!  I’ve never been there before, but I’ve heard the most wonderful and scary things about the place.  You know when people are just too nice?  Or maybe you don’t, and I’m just too midwestern to actually be that Mormon nice.

I arrived early Friday afternoon and hashed out some things with Tina in the lobby while my room was being cleaned.  I got settled, and then called Seth (from Event Espresso).  We were going to make dinner plans, but instead we just crashed the Speaker Dinner at Buca di Beppos!

Then went to this hilarious comedy piano bar called the Tavernacle Social Club where I shall never repeat some of the things I heard.  Seth, having a wife and kids (and a party pooper) left early, but I stayed out a bit.  I took some great (…candid?) photos of some of the nightlife with my new friends that I met along the way.  Most of their names are a bit fuzzy, but I remember that it was a great time!

Canvas of Venice from Z Gallerie

What surprised me the most about the city was how beautiful it was.  The downtown area was so clean, and the weather was perfect!  The people were very nice when I asked for directions.

I accidentally walked into what I thought was a local bookstore, but it turned out to be the Mormon version of Barnes & Nobles.  Even so, the girl at the counter directed me to the real B&N, and off I went!

That’s when I found The Gateway shopping center.  It killed me.  Yes, I died.  Why can’t something like that be in Illinois?  I couldn’t make it out alive (financially), but now I have this amazing canvas from Z Gallerie.

Oh, and you can see a glimpse of the gateway at night from the photos below, where Hunter (a friend of Mike Payne’s from Punchline) was daring the fountain.  There’s some stuff from the piano bar, and me being a tourist too.

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