WordCamp Baltimore First impressions

Hi everyone! I just finished up a full day at WordCamp Baltimore, and about to leave my Airbnb rental for the after party! The speakers were awesome – I learned a lot about stuff I thought I’d already known. I want to thank all the volunteers, and especially Jayvie & Andy for pulling everything together amazingly.

Presentations to check out:

  • Helen Hou-Sandí’s “How to Help a Developer Faithfully Realize Your WordPress Theme Design” – [Slides] Found a really cool version control tool for designers: LayerVault!
  • Sean Butze’s “Don’t Make Them Think: Improving Usability in the WordPress Admin” – [Slides]
  • Thursday Bram’s “Content Strategy” User Track – Great information and pet peeves ruled! [Slides]
  • Andrew Nacin’s “Closing Remarks aka Q & A about WordPress 3.5!” Great info here – my favorite part is this releases concentration on media and UX.

Well, that’s all the time I have now – Off to Mother’s Grille!

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