Must Blog Now

I met this girl at WordCamp Portland, Laura, who inspired me to start writing a blog again. I have a concept in mind, and it’s a little controversial – but isn’t that how all great things start?

Let’s start off with some juicy juice, and by juice, I mean wine. And lots of it.

It turns out that the Double Tree I was staying at was holding the Wine Bloggers Conference 2012! I’ve never seen so many drunk as hell, sophisticated people in one place before. I met this fancy Ecuadorian princess whose company happened to be sponsoring the event. I got a wine bottle flash drive and some free Lambrusco!

Upon venturing outside the safety zone of the Hilton..

Portland was, as almost all cities that have great WordPress communities, amazing. Although, I did get conned out of $75. We won’t go there, yet. Let’s just say Shredder should’ve warned me about “Pam”.

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