Photo Credit: Monique Rodriguez; Source: Lyynks Music

Turn to Stone Tuesday

I heard this song from Ingrid Michaelson at Starbucks a few days ago. The build of emotion throughout the song is breathtaking. By the way, I’m not mad about missing her concert at Stubbs last Wednesday. I had no one to go with, plus I much prefer my living room and a Jambox over most venues in Austin these days. Don’t fret though, I’ll still buy tickets and stand in line for local artists who give a damn about the community.


SXSW: The Beginning of the End

It’s Saturday and while I’ll be sad to finally be able to use a public restroom at my convenience, SXSW is ending! I’m at Spider House Cafe enjoying the weather and good music.

Time for a selfie.


Later on I stopped by the Driskill Bar to see Floozy, hailing from Albuquerque. I saw them here in November. Super talented and friendly!


Waka Flocka Flame (14 of 16)

Waka Flocka Flame at Republic Live

The crowd was.. SMALL? I’m not sure anyone knew how to hide the embarrassment caused by the sudden domino effect of venues that Waka Flocka Flame went through in Austin just hours before he originally was scheduled at Infest. Good luck to Infest in the future, and thanks to Waka Flocka and his crew for sticking through the night! I think y’all ended up at Barcelona?

Pre-SXSW madness.


The Legend of Zedd

Zedd and Zelda? My world just imploded.


Changes Coming Soon!

First off, I want to say that I appreciate everyone that takes the time to read this blog and all the advice I’ve received over the last several months. Secondly, I’m totally slacking with new updates, but with good reason (I swear)! My old computer broke, the DAY AFTER New Year’s Eve. Expect some better late than never updates very soon. :-)

I created this blog originally to troubleshoot issues with users when I worked with Automattic. Post Automattic, I picked up a camera and a few freelance web development contracts. Austin definitely  surprised me. I really enjoy photography, and I wanted a cool way to show it off aside from Facebook or Twitter. Because here, I make the rules! ;-)

Since then, it’s turned into my excuse of a photography portfolio. However, In February, will strictly be a personal blog, which may or may not resemble an episode of Shah’s of Sunset or Downton Abby: The After School Special. All professional (definition pending) work will be appearing under a more suitable, brand-able name so I may continue eating food and paying rent.

Roses on Enfield

Ginger’s bouquet. I believe they’re dead by now.