iOS 9: Usable Airplane Mode and Notes Improvement

I just installed the June 8th beta release of iOS 9 on my iPhones 5s, and I love what they’ve done with Notes. Everything is categorized by how you have created them.  

iOS 9 Notes

iOS 9 Notes

 No more am I constantly checking and double checking if I’ve created a note under the “iCloud” or “Gmail” outlet — It now does it for me! You can also add distinguishable titles, pictures and little doodles (Much the same way you can on your NSFW Snapchats).

Another feature that caught my eye is “Low Power Mode.” You can turn Lower Power Mode on manually. It reduces performance and networking activity to extend battery life. When it’s toggled on, Mail Fetch, Background App Refresh, motion effects and animated wallpapers are disabled. 

iOS 9 Low Power Mode

iOS 9 Low Power Mode

 This one swipe option is so much EASIER than having to go through each of those menu options individually when you’re trying to save juice.

Anyway, that’s all for now. More impressions to come soon!

Neo Chicago Sundays

Adventures Without a Flash

I was recently asked to shoot at Neo, a dance club in Lincoln Park. I don’t have a camera at the moment, but a friend of mine let me use his Canon EOS 5D. Unfortunately, there was no flash. The venue is extremely dark inside, and capturing acceptable photos in such low light conditions was a challenge, to say the least.

Without further bitching, here they are.

I think it’s worth mentioning that with the release of Adobe Lightroom CC (2015) and the HDR Merge feature, the finished album may have been able to include more of the photos from the dark interior of Neo.

Photo Credit: Monique Rodriguez; Source: Lyynks Music

Turn to Stone Tuesday

I heard this song from Ingrid Michaelson at Starbucks a few days ago. The build of emotion throughout the song is breathtaking. By the way, I’m not mad about missing her concert at Stubbs last Wednesday. I had no one to go with, plus I much prefer my living room and a Jambox over most venues in Austin these days. Don’t fret though, I’ll still buy tickets and stand in line for local artists who give a damn about the community.